Black pants can be seen through her black leggings Hot As Fuck!

Gallery from: Zishy

From looking at Alejandra Cobos, one can tell that she is new to this. But she is the kind of new that excites everyone. Not the boring one where one does not know what they are doing and then struggles to find their footing. Hers is the kind of new that is refreshing and makes you want to follow her journey. She is an exciting prospect and she is enthusiastic which makes you know sooner rather than later, she will be a household name. She is not shy to try out anything and she loves discovering new things and new places.

She loves to pose in different outfits as well and enjoys showing off how flexible her body really is. She is a tall mistress and that makes her flexibility all the more impressive. As she bent over to touch her toes, her black leggings revealed a black thong. She did not have to remove it as it demarcated her ass beautifully and one could all but see how it looked. Next she showed off her tits without letting the nipples show before she felt that her riding skills had to be flaunted as she sat on a flat platform reverse cowgirl style.