The types of Strippers you will find at a bucks party

The big day is just around the corner, no not the wedding! we are talking about the bucks party silly and with any stag do you need to ensure that your bucks party entertainment is the best! so this basically means in simple terms make sure you have the most sexy bucks strippers possible and for the best Perth Strippers there is only one place to call. Bad Bunny has been providing Perth with the best most sexy stag do strippers in Western Australia. Know the girls at Bad Bunny have been to thousands of bucks nights, so we are about to give you the run down on the different types of strippers you will find at a bucks party Perth.

The Party Girl

If there is one thing our Perth Strippers now its how to party, and believe me when i say the Bad Bunny girls party the hardest. You will never miss this type of entertaining stripper as they are usually the loudest and are always the centre of attention. These types of girls often perform some of our biggest and most expensive shows, we are speaking about the 30 minute fruit and veg show for $800 or the 40 minute Greek show for $900. If you want a crazy stag do Perth then these are defiantly the right strippers to hire. All you need to do is call Bad Bunny on 0458 622 149 for the best bucks party entertainment in Perth

The Sweet Heart

You all remember the girl next door you had a crush on right? she was sweet, pretty and just had a great overall feminine vibe. Well the topless waitresses we have here at Bad Bunny are exactly that and you can bet this is one of the strippers you can expect to fine at a Perth bucks night. These girls are great to talk to and just have a awesome down to earth vibe, most guys book them out for topless waitress, $150 per hour or for nude waitress, $250 per hour. These strippers are the type of girls that will often get booked out for smaller bucks parties where you want something a bit more love key, just be careful not to let the buck fall in love with any of the bunnies.

The Silent Asian.

Okay so these Perth Strippers are what we would class at Bad Bunny as Elite! Strippers like this are normally known across Australia and will often fly to multiple cities such as Melbourne and Sydney. Luckily at Bad Bunny we have access to one of Australia’s best Strippers in MJ Montan, she is a prime example of the silent Asian. Beautifully but fierce this type of girl will often seemly steal your heart away, she doesn’t say much nor does she need to, the majestic way she uses her body in shows will have the Groom thinking twice before saying i do. If you are having a bucks party Perth and you want a stag do that no one will forget then going for these types of strippers is the way to go, you can expect to pay a few more dollars but the experience is well worth it.

There you have it, 3 different types of Strippers you could find at a bucks night. If you need help organizing your bucks party within the city of Perth just give us a call on 0458 62 149.